Point Of Sales Application


We offer businesses a comprehensive, cross-channel and multi-store retail solution. Our in-depth knowledge and experience enable us to deliver a fully integrated system that would automate every function across the supply-chain. We are guided by our “tailored to your preference” slogan as we provide an entirely customizable solution that best accommodates your needs. Our system allows you to manage your stores, items, outlets, sales, suppliers and customers and much more. A fully integrated complete accounting system is included in our Retail System with extensive insightful reports supporting your managerial decisions. Our state-of-the art monitoring tools allows managers to stay more connected with their business and view in real time sales, distribution, purchases and all types of transactions.

With Al-Ghassan Systems your Inventory, Transactions, Accounting and most importantly your Customers are easily managed and creatively dealt with. Enhance customer acquisition and maintaining rates as we incorporate your creative Customer Loyalty Programs into our Applications. Grow your business as you increase your selling points through all-in-one touch-screen terminals and pads. The latest technologies we apply enable us to continually upgrade your application and integrate an e-commerce point of sale to your websites….

For more information Contact us at info@alghassan.ps

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