Hotel Management System

Sit back and relax as we deliver flawless solutions to your management team, take care of all of your IT challenges for you, and provide you with much more time to enrich your guests experience. The solutions offered by Al-Ghassan Information Systems guided by our “tailored to your preference ” slogan enables us to align the functionality of our systems with our client’s specific business requirements and preferences regardless of the size of the business. The company has been working with a wide range of sectors and has pioneered in the Tourism Industry introducing state-of-the art IT solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, and Travel Agents.

Hotel management consists of a complex variety of tasks that would consume a tremendous amount of time if not handled properly. Our solution results in fulfilled guests, an organized management team, less expenses, and a better outcome all in less time and effort. All the System’s modules are seamlessly integrated enabling an insightful overall outlook of your business. Our systems are regularly updated to meet the changing needs of our customers in this highly dynamic market as we regularly follow up with our clients ensuring proper implementation and efficient use of our solution. Adopting a partnership approach to business, we take pride in your success and guarantee highest quality delivery.


Property Management
  • Front office system that deals with all the issues of the front offices including reservations, guest history, room availability/occupancy, guest messages and housekeeping.
  • Efficient and easy room assignment for Individuals and/or groups
  • Provides a multi channel reservation platform through search and booking services whether on the Internet, telephone, or front desk.
  • Complete guest history profiles allowing for a better customer service and a much friendly experience.
  • Quick and easy lookup of room rates.
  • Handling multi-folio settling and invoicing upon check-out.
  • A complete functions and events module allowing for menu setups, outlets reservations and follow ups.

Financial Management
  • Our Financial Management solution is at the core of our Hotel Management System to which all the system modules post their transaction data.
  • Our Financial Management solution enables you to meet your financial requirements more efficiently by providing insightful, intelligent and detailed financial reports assisting your managerial decisions.
  • Efficiently manage and assess all your hotel’s revenue channels: outlets, restaurants, mini-bars, room accommodation, etc…
  • Detailed market segmentation allowing for better decisions and efficient allocation of resources for marketing and sales.

Customers Relationship Management and Sales
  • From initial engaging to rewarding relationships.
  • Through guest profiles all guest’s information is easily viewed including different types of data such as contact and demographic details, guest preferences, and stay patterns.
  • Al Ghassan Systems offers CRM solutions that address all customer touch-points and provide rich functionality in order to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • The solution set a high standard for CRM in sales performance management and better allocation of marketing and sales resources.
  • Customer Feedback is at the core of our CRM as it sets forth a unique customer experience through which customer engagement and involvement must be taken seriously to enhance the quality of services delivered for increased customer satisfaction.

Food & Beverage
  • User Friendly Interfaces for your outlets and restaurants point-of-sales systems through touch enabled screens and Mobile Pads.
  • Easy categorization of items into Food, Beverage and others allowing for separate income statements of every category.
  • Quick and efficient delivery through bar and kitchen display screens or printers.
  • High security for discounts, special prices, happy hour offers, etc… through passwords and authorizations.
  • Recipe Management gives you a high control of your on the shelf stock
  • Multiple store handling, stock movement and quick items requisition
  • A sophisticated purchasing workflow system whereby purchase orders are put in place and sent for approval by the designated staff.

Integration Interfaces

Our systems are highly flexible and our highly qualified software developers will ensure a non-restricting environment as we have managed to provide software interfaces for the following:-

  • IPTV – this solution interfaces with IPTV systems that most importantly displays guest the statement of his/her accounts on the TV screen, allows for video on demand and many other functions. Al-Ghassan Systems has had a successful integration experience with Locatel IPTV.
  • Key Cards- Successful integration with VingCards Systems.
  • Telephone Interface – Successful integration with several providers for automatic registering of wake up calls and displaying welcome massages with customer names on telephone screens.
  • Note: Our interfaces are not limited to the providers stated above but are rather examples of our previous successful integrations.

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