Document Archiving and Workflow

Guided by our slogan “Tailored to your Preference” we provide customized and tailored solution to business and organizations.
We have implemented Document Archiving and Workflow Systems to:

  • Municipalities
  • Read More about our complete Municipality Solution.

  • Family Courts
  • Al-Ghassan Systems has recently won a bid to develop a Document Management, Archiving and Workflow System for the Ramallah Family Court. We are currently developing a Sharepoint Solution for that purpose.

    A Family Court DMWAS (Document Management, Workflow, and Archiving System) is an IT-based system by which all Family Court documents and case activities within the courts are captured, processed and saved in a database for further processing or archiving. Those documents encompass any kind of written, electronic, voice or video information including facsimile, emails, internal and external correspondence, voice files, video files and any specific document produced by that entity, internal or external.A core component of the DMWAS is the ability of users to push documents to a pre-specified route (workflow) consisting of nodes (users/departments/etc.), in serial, parallel, or a combination of both; and to place conditions on each of these nodes (timeouts, what-if’s, etc.).”

  • Organizations
  • We are ready to customize Document and Archiving solutions to any organization or business as required. We had many successful implementations at different organizations such as Future for Palestine.

SharePoint Document Archiving Screenshots

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