Custom Business Solutions and Other Products

Guided by our slogan “Tailored to Your Preference” we provide businesses and organization with turnkey IT solutions to exactly meet their requirements. Of our most recent Customized Solutions:

    • Mobile Sales

Our newly designed Mobile Sales is an intuitive and highly sophisticated application that best serves the needs and demands of the Palestinian Market. To emphasize our specialty in customizing software development according to clients’ requirements, our application is designed in a way to be easily integrated with the existing financial applications each client uses. The application is installed and used at two Pharmaceutical companies in Palestine (Omnipal and Arabco Companies) with full integration with their existing accounting system. We expect a high rate of adoption for our new application as the need highly exist, and we have already sensed excitement by many potential clients

    • Medical Representatives

Our newly designed Medical Representatives System is highly sophisticated with incredible interfaces resulting in an intuitive and user friendly experience. This solution aims to manage the medical representatives’ cycle for planning and routing and to log doctors’ visits with their objectives, samples given, support given and all needed necessary information to generate the best insightful reports that deal with visit frequencies and all other measurable indicators for better decision making.

Our company also has software for Assets Management and for Money Changers.

We also customize solutions for organization such as the Palestinian Counselling Center for which we are developing a complete Management Information System to cover the daily work of their Clinical, Preventive, Capacity Building and Lobbying and Advocacy departments.

Whatever your requirements are we have the right solution for you.

Contact us to customize your unique solution…

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