Ramallah Municipality Starts Using Al-Ghassan ERP

Ramallah Municipality opened its new Customer Service Center with Al-Ghassan Systems’ newly designed Software for Municipality Service Centers. The system enables the customer service center to serve as a One Stop Shop for all citizen interactions with the Municipality. The system allows for dynamic form setup for different applications and for dynamic serial, parallel and conditional workflows to be set by the Municipality Administration for each application. The system is part of a complete Web-based ERP system the company is tailoring for Ramallah Municipality. Through a single sign-on, every employee will have access to all his daily functions whether related to Accounting, HR, Applications Workflow, Procurement…etc, to include a total of 31 modules to be provided by the end of 2017 to the Municipality. The system includes a central Task Management system that transfers employees from their Dashboard to different tasks at different modules. All modules will be seamlessly integrated and the Municipality Management, Council and Mayor will be provided with insightful reports that cover all aspects of the Municipality’s functions to assist in decision making and enhance service provisioning.

We thank Ramallah Municipality for their continued partnership with our company and for entrusting us with such a unique, critical and unprecedented project.

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